@aral you mention ` # Make rm a little safer (have it prompt once when deleting
# more than three files or when deleting recursively).`

Have you not already learned yourself to automatically do the right keystrokes everytime?

@aral looking forward to the post-mortem. JS is not my thing, but am interested nonetheless.

@jpmens At some point there will be a convergence on one or two standards that services 99.9% percent of the usecases

It's a me! I'm at today! I'll discuss later today. Come talk to me about containers, , or anything else

Awesome #ssh trick I just learned!

Host *.temp.event.example.com
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/temp_event
UserKnownHostsFile ~/.ssh/temp_known_hosts

You can give a specific known hosts file for a Host block of systems that you connect to.

This is especially helpful if you are regularly involved in a re-occuring event where you re-use hostnames but not the keys; or for temp installs, etc, etc.

#openssh #openbsd

(and while I'm at it, one more)

Match host *.ipv6.example.net,ipv6.example.org !exec "route -q -n get -inet6 %h"
ProxyJump dualstack.example.org

This will do a route lookup, to see if you have direct ipv6 access to the hosts. If it fails ("!exec"), then it will automatically add the ProxyJump command.

the above route command is intended for #openbsd, you may need to adjust it for your OS

#openssh #ssh

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@jpmens I really like paper when more than 2 pages and/or notes are involved

Classic mistake. If you don't make this mistake, you have not been to Brussels

Be careful, we already corded off 1 slope between H and parking because the snow makes everything very slippery :(

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